Choosing The Right Hair Extensions

If you’re like me, you are in a constant battle with your hair…you want to grow it out, but you develop split ends and have to cut it short. Or even worse, you wait for months and months for your hair to grow to the perfect length. But when you get there, you realize your thin hair doesn’t look great long…all that work for nothing.

After experiencing both of those scenarios, I was extremely frustrated. I wanted long thicker hair, but how was I going to get it? I’d tried clip in extensions, but was always afraid the silver clip was going to show through my thin hair. I’d used every thickening product on the market. But, I was satisfied with anything.

Then I learned about DreamCatchers hair extensions at the Premier Beauty Classic in Columbus a year and a half ago. I liked the idea of them, a permanent hair extension that doesn’t use heat or glue. Intrigued, I decided to do some more research on them.

I learned that DreamCatchers uses high-quality real human hair and they leave the cuticle of the hair open. This is important because, a lot of other hair extensions either use synthetic hair or they close the cuticle of the hair. If you have extensions that are synthetic or close cuticle, when the hair gets damaged, there is no saving it. However, with DreamCatchers open cuticle hair, you can treat them like your natural hair. They take on hydrating products and can nursed back to perfect hair health!

Another really exciting fact I learned about DreamCatchers is that they use “cold fusion” technology. Instead of using heat and/or glue they use a small plastic cylinder that is color matched to your hair. The cylinder is threaded up a few of your hairs to nearly your scalp, you then plug a bundle of hair that is silicon tipped into the cylinder. The stylists will clamp the cylinder shut with the hair inside, and it stays…with no damage to your hair! The hair stays in cylinders until you get them adjusted every 4-6 weeks, your stylist simply opens the cylinder, slides it back up the hair shaft and closes it again.

After learning more about DreamCatchers, I thought I had found the answer to all my hair woes. I found a salon in town that offers them, made a consultation appointment, got color matched and anxiously waited for my installation appointment. The day finally came, and I couldn’t believe it when I saw the finished product…I had the long luxurious hair I had always wanted (picture below).

I lived with them for a few weeks and decided, we need to bring these to Zephyr. We have women that come in to the salon all the time showing us pictures of celebrities or Pinterest hair styles they want to wear. But unfortunately for them, their hair isn’t long or thick enough. Zephyr has been a DreamCatchers certified salon for almost a year now, we have had many of our clients take the plunge into the long luxurious world or DreamCatchers hair extensions.

If you are interested in learning more about them, please make an appointment for a consultation…I can personally guarantee you will not regret it!