noun: \ˈze-fər\ “a gentle breeze from the west”

Welcome to your best hair day, everyday. Introducing Zephyr Blowout & Salon, a full service blowout and style salon. We’re so excited to bring you that “I just came from the salon style” in a fun and easy way.

At Zephyr, we can’t wait to give you one more reason to feel fabulous. Collaborate with our stylists for a blow-out, braid, or up-do of your choice.

Zephyr Blowout & Salon, located in the heart of Oakley, is a boutique hair salon that specializes in cutting, styling and blow-dry for men and women. Zephyr Blowout Salon opened in September 2014 and recently expanded to include cutting and styling. Zephyr’s vision is to help preserve the integrity of our client’s hair through the use of our specifically chosen eco-friendly products and services. Zephyr strives to be everything a salon should be, providing excellent hospitality, style and expert spa and hair services to each client.